Re: gsu (Was Re: More Political Stuff)

> >>>>> "Sean" == Sean Middleditch <> writes:
>     >> >>>>> "Sean" == Sean Middleditch <>
>     >> writes:
>     >> 
>     Sean> That's how I have it, but an average user isn't going to do
>     Sean> that.  They're going to need a way to easily add an entry
>     Sean> for "run my distro's update tool as root".
> ok.  I think for things like helix-update/redcarpet and the conf
> tools, the maintains of those packages should arrange for their
> desktop files to be wrapped by gsu automatically.  
> But ya, I agree, that if a user wants to run an arbitrary program as
> root (or another user) should have a nice tool to magically create 
> the desktop files for them.  I have some ideas already.

I really think an option in the standard desktop file editor dialog
thingy would be the cleanest and easiest.  Just a "run as" dialog, since
they might not want to run as root, but perhaps as another "special"
user (I've seen some screwed configurations before, the way some
administrators set this stuff up...)

Sean Middleditch

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