Re: gsu (Was Re: More Political Stuff)

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Middleditch <> writes:

    >> >>>>> "Sean" == Sean Middleditch <>

    Sean> I really think an option in the standard desktop file editor
    Sean> dialog thingy would be the cleanest and easiest.  Just a
    Sean> "run as" dialog, since they might not want to run as root,
    Sean> but perhaps as another "special" user (I've seen some
    Sean> screwed configurations before, the way some administrators
    Sean> set this stuff up...)

    Sean> Sean Middleditch

You're right of course (damn... after I spent the last hour thinking
about it and prototyping an interface in glade :).  This would be easy
to do.  

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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