Re: More Political Stuff

> Yes - many people on gnome-hackers didn't like the Press Release 'drafts' and
> tried to explicitly not 'commit' the GNOME project to using/taking on
> StarOffice. Unfortunately the Sun press release made it sound that we were
> commited.

OK.  THey had me fooled...

> Like I said - everything will be evaluated when the code comes out.

Alright.  That's good.  Evaluation is our friend.  ~,^

> You don't need to have two word processors installed. Its called choice - You
> pick and choose :)
> Personally I like have a 'light' word processor and a heavier one.

Yes, I would as well, but I still like to think from the side of the
newbies... GNOME is already all I need as it is... It's the other people
that don't use Linux/BSD/etc. because of its 'not being easy to use' or
'all its applications suck' or 'there's too much crud, why do I need 6

> Using bonobo will make it 'suck' less. That is instead of using their own
> internal 'embedding' stuff they would be using bonobo. There are advantages to
> this.

Yes, of course, that I understand.

> Also - please remember that they are GPLing their Office Suite. This probably
> means A LOT more bug-fixes to their suite.

Hmm, that's true.  Less bugs would help.

> I tried StarOffice a long time ago - I didn't like it. It seems to implement
> its own Window Manager/Desktop for example. Part of the 'porting' to GNOME I
> would guess is to remove these ugly features (i.e. make each app 'standalone'
> - do not create a 'desktop' as there already is one (Nautilus)) etc. 

Oh thank the Gods, I HATED that too.

> Of course you may not see some of these things as soon as they release the
> code. It will require work - The sun engineers will be doing the work with
> contributions from outside (a la Mozilla)

Of course.  Well, hopefully is doesn't go like Mozilla did for a year or
so there...  Of course, Mozill has turned out excellent, if not severely

> I can play UT fine. I play it a lot - in fact I am stuck at the final
> 'Champion' level. No problems whatsoever. I did try running it from GNOME but
> performance sucked. What I do is run 'xinit', and run the UT binary. I did try
> running 'xinit' then in the xterm I did 'sawfish &' and then I ran UT it
> worked fine.

WEll, running from GNOME shouldn't make any difference.  It runs perfect
on KDE, or even perfect if I run GNOME but with TWM as my
WindowManager... it'll get fixed, though.

> My clanbombar game was also fullscreen (and I play that with GNOME running
> too) - I get no problems.

Is it OpenGL based?  Now that I think about it, I don't think Heroes III
gave me any problems..

> It may be a problem with your set-up (since you also complain of X lock-ups).

Ya, we'll see.  it's just odd that it only happens with Sawfish.  I
remember there was a conflict with E and UT a while back before SDL was
used, it could be something like that.

> Yes - they are two totally different incompatible development platforms. :)
> But for gnome-libs I think a 'libcompat' will be provided - libcompat is
> basically 'deprecated stuff'. It is there for you to use but it is
> 'disappearing'.

So it will be removed in perhaps 2.2?
> It is not going to be a 'full compatibility library' so GNOME 1.x binaries can
> run with GNOME 2.x libs.
OK, I get it now.

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