Re: More Political Stuff

On 25 Aug 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> Also the issue with StarOffice.  I've used StarOffice a couple times,
> along with ApplixWare, and my God did they ever suck horribly.  Is
> StarOffice REALLY going to be the official GNOME desktop?  
Please get your facts straight: The to be released StarOffice-6.0 will be
modularized into it's respective components taking (finally!) away the RAM
penalty involved so far.

> Why can't we develop our own software?
>           ^^
I take it that "we" includes you as well?  What has been your code
contribution so far?

> We have Gnumeric, and AbiWord could be great
> too if it got worked on more (its development seems Gods-awful slow to
> me).  We have Dia, and GIMP, etc.  What true point is there to using
> StarOffice?  
The StarOffice components are naturally far more advanced then the stuff
you mentioned above and will be merged.  The great thing about the reissue
of the SO code base under L/GPL is the possibility for code reuse.  We
won't get the SO as we know it shoved down our throats (luckily!).

> I mean, options are nice, but there needs to be one
> official office suite, and I honestly think GNOME needs its own, not a
> borrowed office suite that isn't that good to begin with.  
The fact that you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad.  So far, SO is the
best and most advanced available office application under Linux.  Corel
Office and Applix are a far cry from it when it comes down to corporate

> Finally, the speed.  GNOME does seem a lot less responsive than KDE
When using one of those silly comic strip themes?

Although i don't use a GNOME desktop at all (just plain WindowMaker and
any apps as appropriate), i found it to be the other way round when i
tried the latest prerelase for KDE-2.0 (probably containing debugging
code) in comparison with the recent Helix Gnome desktop.  I always found
that GNOME feels rather snappy if one doesn't use this silly Enlightenment
as window manager and if no memory hogging themes are used.  I do use the
"Step" theme since i use WMaker as window manager.

Please wait for the things to come before getting crazy with your own
uninformed fears.  Please direct any followup either to /dev/null or my
personal mail address instead of spamming the list.

                              Thank you, P. *8^)

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