Re: More Political Stuff

> On 25 Aug 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Also the issue with StarOffice.  I've used StarOffice a couple times,
> > along with ApplixWare, and my God did they ever suck horribly.  Is
> > StarOffice REALLY going to be the official GNOME desktop?  
> >
> Please get your facts straight: The to be released StarOffice-6.0 will be
> modularized into it's respective components taking (finally!) away the RAM
> penalty involved so far.

This is good.  I found star office to be very ram intensive.  Which
contributed to slowness because the CPU would spending it's time
swapping/context switching.  

> > Why can't we develop our own software?
> >           ^^
> I take it that "we" includes you as well?  What has been your code
> contribution so far?

If I recall, Sean's writing mud software and I believe he's put in some
bug reports.  (these are just stuff I recall from his postings)  It's
still a very unfair question to ask(read: cheap shot).  "We" could include
GNOME and those who contribute to it.

> that GNOME feels rather snappy if one doesn't use this silly Enlightenment
> as window manager and if no memory hogging themes are used.  I do use the
> "Step" theme since i use WMaker as window manager.

Since switching to sawfish, GNOME has been very fast.  I suggest the
thinice theme as well for GTK.


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