Re: Directories/Files

> Amazingly enough, I like the gtk file selector better than _every_ other file
> selector I've ever used, including Windows/BeOs/kde. Granted, it's a little
> ugly, but the chances are that if there isn't tab completion (a'la bash), I
> probably won't use the desktop system. I just hope that this tab completion
> stays. I am not, however, a good indication of the type of person you want to
> write a desktop system for.

Tab completion is an EXCELLENT feature, and should definitely stay.  The
only real problem with the selector is trying to find what you're
looking for in the file system...  there needs to be a real history,
hiding/showing my mime type, turning hidden files/dirs on and off, and
some kind of list of often used directories.  Perhaps a memory on a
per-application basis would be really nice, too.
> Lucas
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