Re: GNOME Background Properties

On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Sam Rowe wrote:

> Hi,
> First I'd like to say thank you very very much for GNOME. I love it.
> I was wondering if I could request a feature?  I use GNOME with Sawmill 
> (Helix style) under XFree86 4.0.1 with Xinerama. I've built a couple of 
> background images that are 2560x1024, but I'd much rather be able to set 
> seperate images on each screen using GNOME to set my BG.

I was under the impression that Xinerama made the two screens look like a
single one, so there is only a single root window.  So there is only a
single window to set a background pixmap for.

Maybe it would be nice to add the ability to compose a number of images
when creating the background pixmap.  That would probably handle your

> Any chance of this happening?
> Thanks again,
> Sam Rowe



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