Re: key bindings

Mark Lehrer <> writes:

> Gnome has a severe shortage of key bindings in just about every
> application.

This is correct.

> Is anyone working on this yet?  There are 3 Windows users in my office
> who refuse to use Linux because of this because they're used to using
> the keyboard for just about everything.  Unix hass a command-line
> philosophy behind it - isn't it strange that you basically have to use
> the mouse for everything in Gnome?

We will be extremely happy to take patches that fix the dialog boxes
that lack keyboard shortcuts.  Many application developers have not
done this simply because it is quite a boring and tedious job.  It is
a simple thing to do, so you can allocate half an hour of your every
day's time and fix a dialog or two.

And "Unix has a command-line philosophy behind it..." has nothing to
do with dialog boxes, so please don't use grandiloquent statements in
the hopes that they will make people get off their butts and do
something about sucky dialog boxes.

So, we are taking patches.  If you cannot be bothered to contribute
that way, then at least point out specific examples of missing
shortcuts so that we can fix them in our copious free time.

Yes, I am cranky today.


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