Re: Directories/Files

> One unix-like way to do a file dialogue that remembers directories is (I
> think) to have a combo box with the directory in it, and a pull-down
> menu of recent directories you have visited.
WEll, itd be like the 'fake histroy' GTK file selector has now (the
directory you're in, its parent, etc.).  Just replace that!

> The pull-down menu should start off based on an environment variable or
> config setting, or should at least contain $HOME and, if applicable,
> the current working directory.

Yes, and there should be a per application memory, if possible (which it
should, although I haven't hacked the gnome-libs code much...  I need to
find time to get around to messing with stuff... :(  )

> The text field needs a "goto" button, too, in most UI toolkits, since
> changing a text field isn't enough to invoke an action (when do you know
> the user has stopped changing it?).

Perhaps an update every time it is changed (if the performance hit isn't
too great), along with the option to undo (back to before you started
editing) or maybe just hit enter to update (if its only a directory,
just update the list, if its a file your typed in, then return the
filename to the calling application).

BTW, Is there another list this discussion should be on?  Does the
gnome-ui team have their own list?  And how do I join if so?

Sean Middleditch

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