GNOME 1.4 package list

I've started on a preliminary target package list for GNOME 1.4. It's
checked in to gnome-cvs in the `releng' module. Here is the first
version, which is based solely on the GNOME 1.2 package list. Any
missing info is due to my laziness and ignorance. Please help me and
Jacob fill in the "Contact" fields, and anything else you think might
be needed

If anyone wants to add a missing Contact to the list below, go ahead
and check into the version in CVS and send mail; for any other
changes, send a patch here to gnome-1.4-list for me and Jacob to

We should propose various additions and removals to this package list
and decide whether the include them, and whether they are considered
critical. I have a few proposals to make myself.

Also, it will really help the release run smoother if all the people
in the Contact field get on (anyone else who
wants to sub is welcome of course)!

People in that column who are not yet subbed include:

Elliot Lee <>
Tim Janik <>
Owen Taylor <>
Daniel Veillardd <>
Geroge Lebl <>

Is it OK if I add you guys?

Explanations of fields:

Package:                the base package name
Version in last relase: version that was in the previous GNOME release (1.2)
New version:            will we want a new version of the package?
Critical:               Are we unwilling/unable to ship without the new version? (or
                        without the package at all, if it's new for this release?)

Contact:                A contact for the release coordinators who can make releases,
                        provide info about package readiness,
                        etc. Preferrably the maintainer of the
                        package. If the package is unmaintained, or
                        the nominal maintainer is not willing to work
                        with the GNOME release process, a "GNOME
                        maintainer" for the package is an OK
                        substitute. We need a maintainer for every

Package             Version in last release   New Version   Critical  Contact

ORBit               0.5.1                     Yes           Yes       Elliot Lee <>
audiofile           0.1.9
bug-buddy           1.0                                               Jacob Berkman <>
control-center      1.2.0                     Yes
esound              0.2.18                    
gdk-pixbuf          0.8.0                                             Federico Mena-Quintero <>
gdm                 2.0beta4
ggv                 0.95
ghex                1.1.3
glade               0.5.9
glib                1.2.8                                             Tim Janik <>, 
                                                                      Owen Taylor <>
gnome-applets       1.2.0
gnome-audio         1.0.0
gnome-core          1.2.0                                             Jacob Berkman <>
                                                                      Geroge Lebl <>
gnome-games         1.2.0
gnome-libs          1.2.0                                             Miguel de Icaza <>
gnome-media         1.2.0
gnome-pim           1.2.0
gnome-print         0.20                      Yes           Yes 
gnome-utils         1.2.0
gtk+                1.2.8                                             Tim Janik <>, 
                                                                      Owen Taylor <>
gtk-engines         0.10
gtop                1.0.8
libghttp            1.0.6
libglade            0.13
libgtop             1.0.7
libxml              1.8.7                                             Daniel Veillardd <>
mc                  4.5.49
users-guide         1.1-9

GNOME Office packages

dia                 0.85
gnumeric            0.54

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