Re: GNOME 1.4 package list

Ariel Rios <> writes:

> > We should propose various additions and removals to this package list
> > and decide whether the include them, and whether they are considered
> > critical. I have a few proposals to make myself.
> I see in horror that no language binding was considered.
> They may not be crucial for many of you, but some people
> base their work on the bindings. In my opinion, gtk--,
> gnome-python and gnome-guile (which are the most complete 
> lang bindings) should be also considered, especially since
> this an important release.


I agree about adding bindings. Could you please write a detailed
proposal for gnome-guile and gnome-python (and whatever they depend
on) along the lines of what I did for gtk--? I also just now realized
that I forgot to include libgsigc++ in my proposal to add gtk--. I'll
fix that.

Do the maintainers of these packages agree they should be added?

 - Maciej

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