Re: Some proposed package removals and additions

> 1) Add gtk--


> 2) Add Nautilus and dependenceis, and drop gmc
> Reationale: Nautilus is the primary reason for the 1.4 release, and
> obsoletes gmc

Unacceptable in a professional desktop: How about
'Gmc is being obsoleted, it mwill be available in Gnome 2.x but will be
dropped for Gnome 3.x. New features will not be added to gmc'

> 3) Add Mozilla

Too bloated too unfinished right now. We might want to make it an optional
add on but we need gtkhtml for 32Mb machines.

> 4) Add Evolution and dependencies

I think very bad. Evolution is not ready. We should ship the stuff it needs
that is ready. It should bne easy to *add* evolution betas to your gnome 1.4

> Name: gnome-libs
> Version: 1.2.4 
> New Release Needed: doubtful

YES needed - add GNOME_WORLD multiple .gnome support patch. Major functionality
in 30 lines.

Other packages

-	New gnome-lokkit (format change at
	Update gnorpm (critically sucky, critical security hole fixes)

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