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>>>>> "Sri" == Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:

    >> I this using advFS once (badly) and would be pretty straight
    >> forward to do a gnome-vfs handle to do the same thing.  I think
    >> it needs to go deeper than that though, ie the shell needs to
    >> be aware of these logical assignments.  And is it really
    >> necessary?  Symbolic links more or less do the same thing.

    Sri> Damn, you can DO this with gnome-vfs???

A bit of code but sure.  There are basically three approaches that I
would consider.

1) Create a new handler for alias: (or shortcut: or whatever).

2) Put $variable expansion into gnome-vfs core in the code that
dispatches to the handlers. This is the way I would do it.  My
reasoning being that then all handlers can deal with shortcuts.
ie. $website expands to

3) Implement a 'pass through' handler that would be registered as a
handle multiple time using different names, one for each shortcut.  It
would have to use it's name to do the expansion.  This is not exactly
the intended use for handlers and I don't even know if this could be

The shell already does 2 with environment variable expansion (so does
xemacs btw), so there would be some consistancy for the user.
Environment variable expansion for gnome-vfs would be pretty easy and 
cheap.  But the problem with env variables is changes to them are not
propagated to the rest of the system. 

GConf would be an ideal place to store the shortcuts.  I don't know if
adding a gconf dependency to gnome-vfs is a good idea or how expensive
a gconf query operation is. Another issue is how to convert the values
stored in gconf into env vars for the shell....  I wonder what it would
take to add gconf support to bash?

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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