Re: Directories/Files

> A bit of code but sure.  There are basically three approaches that I
> would consider.

Looks like I will need to look at the code for gnome-vfs.  This looks very

> 2) Put $variable expansion into gnome-vfs core in the code that
> dispatches to the handlers. This is the way I would do it.  My
> reasoning being that then all handlers can deal with shortcuts.
> ie. $website expands to

Neat.  I don't hundred percent understand the terminology.  I'll need to
read the white paper to get an idea on what this is doing.

> GConf would be an ideal place to store the shortcuts.  I don't know if
> adding a gconf dependency to gnome-vfs is a good idea or how expensive
> a gconf query operation is. Another issue is how to convert the values
> stored in gconf into env vars for the shell....  I wonder what it would
> take to add gconf support to bash.

Someone needs to sit down and do a dependency tree of the core
technologies of GNOME.  I might volunteer doing this if there is a
need for such a map.

I'm still a bit hazy on how a:

cd fonts:

would translate in a shell.  From what I gather, a gconf call would be
made to look up fonts: and it would translate it into a shell variable
which would replace fonts: with something appropriate. 

Under what situations would you do a gconf call?  Using only the basic
file commands? (ie mv,cp,cd)  What about anything that takes a file

Depending on how expensive the call is it woudl be a big performance
problem.  Actually regardless you'd see a problem with performance.  Of
course maybe I'm not understanding the problem...


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