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>>>>> "Sri" == Sri Ramkrishna <> writes:

    >> [snip]

    Sri> I'm still a bit hazy on how a:

    Sri> cd fonts:

    Sri> would translate in a shell.  From what I gather, a gconf call
    Sri> would be made to look up fonts: and it would translate it
    Sri> into a shell variable which would replace fonts: with
    Sri> something appropriate.

Try this:
	$ export fonts=/usr/lib/X11/fonts/
	$ ls $fonts
	$ cd $fonts
	$ ... etc

(The '$fonts' style syntax is standard in the unix world.  It
should probably be used over Amiga style logical device names).

    Sri> Under what situations would you do a gconf call?  Using only
    Sri> the basic file commands? (ie mv,cp,cd) What about anything
    Sri> that takes a file argument?

The call is made after the user hits the return key.  The shell will
then expand any environment variables.  This is where the call to
gconf would go.  It only needs to be added to the shell, as mv, cp, ls
etc all see the translated name.

It needs to go into gnome-vfs for Nautilus and other gnome apps could
use the shortcuts.

    Sri> Depending on how expensive the call is it woudl be a big
    Sri> performance problem.  Actually regardless you'd see a problem
    Sri> with performance.  Of course maybe I'm not understanding the
    Sri> problem...

The current implementation uses a corba interface so there is
overhead, but in reality it's probably not noticable.  I guess someone
just needs to sit down and hack it in to see how much of a problem it
really is :).

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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