How to get to know what has changed when GtkText emitts changed sig.


My subject pretty much sums it all up. How do I know what has changed in a
GtkText widget when it emitts a changed signal? or should I catch some other
signal of GtkEditable/Text.

Basically what I need this for is because I need to implement a Undo/Redo
system. I found a GtkObject for this called Gundo, but its a general-purpose
one. So I have to know what has changed.

Waiting for replies....

Archit Baweja

P.S. I find the Undo/Redo system implemented by Gundo pretty useful. So
it would be nice if it could be included in the main gtk+ or gnome libraries
(should be in glib in v2.0) so that all programs get this feature.

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