Re: GNOME 1.4 package list

On Mon, Aug 28, 2000 at 07:44:18PM -0400, Ian Peters <> said
> Agree.  I think we've got plenty of games already, and not every
> program needs to be part of GNOME proper (especially if we think
> we're promoting GNOME as a development platform that third parties
> can use ;)
> In fact, I question the need to make every usable and quasi-stable
> GNOME program part of the "official" release.  It seems to me we've
> got enough work to do in stabilizing the GNOME libraries (especially
> since this list grows every release), the core desktop programs, and
> the basic modules.  Although I'm in favor of encouraging use of
> these programs through the software map and their inclusion in
> binary distributions of GNOME, what does making them part of the
> official release mean (other than that you have more variables to
> attempt to manage to make the release happen)?

What might be nice is to point users to the GNOME applist where they could
find more GNOME software.  Perhaps add this as a gnome-hint, the only thing
is that most people ususally just turn these off, so they probably wouldn't
actually get the message.  New GNOME users may be under the impression that
the only GNOME software there is they download as the core of GNOME,
especially if they get HelixGNOME, in which case they wouldn't even see the
get more software link on the GNOME web page.

Geoffrey Reedy                             

"Unix-to-Unix Copy Program;" said PDP-1.  "You will never find a more
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