GNOME homepage !! (was Re: GNOME 1.4 package list)

Geoff Reedy wrote:

>What might be nice is to point users to the GNOME applist where they could

> find more GNOME software.  Perhaps add this as a gnome-hint, the only thing
> is that most people ususally just turn these off, so they probably wouldn't
> actually get the message.  New GNOME users may be under the impression that
> the only GNOME software there is they download as the core of GNOME,
> especially if they get HelixGNOME, in which case they wouldn't even see the
> get more software link on the GNOME web page.

Actually I wouldn't point anybody to the applist in the GNOME homepage in order
to find GNOME software. The category structure is very bad. Usually one has to
look into at least 3 categories to find what he needs. IMHO there should be a
better logical structure (tree ...) to find apps by purpose and a general search
option. Also you have to consider that not everybody who uses GNOME speaks
english. So you will need translations for categories and descriptions before you
can point GNOME users there.

One week ago I posted a message about the mailing list page which is still very
outdated. Even though there is a more up to date one, the GNOME homepage has no
link to it. The mailing list page that is linked in the GNOME homepage is the
same that I found when I visited it for the first time (1.5 years ago).

Seems like the GNOME homepage is in evel hands. I have no idea what to do about
this. Maybe we should make some project responsible for the homepage (GDP or a
new one). A homepage-mailing-list could also help. However, IMVHO the GNOME
homepage is very bad. It needs lots of updates and translations. GNOME 1.4
would/should be a good chance to change this.

What do you think?


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