Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

> > Though it is still in a fairly preliminary state, Guppi is going to be
> > used by Gnumeric very soon, and by GnuCash semi-soon.  I guess it
> > probably will have to be included in any release.
> It increasingly sounds to me like we have the material for a GNOME
> Office release around the time of GNOME 1.4. Does anyone still object?
> If not, we can start tracking the GNOME Office package list separately.

I am still really apprehensive about it, although if we do make a release,
I think that guppi should definitely be included, because, well, guppi

Still, though, I don't really think the applications (with the exception
of gnumeric + guppi) are complete enough to have an official GNOME Office
designation granted from on high; we've never had that before.


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