GNOME + games (was Re: More Political Stuff)

> In fullscreen OpenGL SDL apps (like Unreal Tournament, Heretic II, etc.)
> the mouse doesn't like moving left... it moves up and down and right
> fine, but it will occasionally (as in every second or two) freeze if I
> move left, and I have to move in another direction before it will move
> left again... it makes most action games unplayable.

My housemate sees similar probs with his Mandrake 7.1 install running
Helix GNOME 1.2 and either Soldier of Fortune or Quake3 Arena.

I have seen it happen and would have said it looks more like a mouse
lockup than anything else. Switching out to a console and killing the
game seems to fix it (but then he has to restart the game). He now has a
script which he runs when he wants to play games that puts "startkde" in
his .xinitrc The games run fine in KDE.

Sorry I cant give any more details but its not my box.


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