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> > Finally, the speed.  GNOME does seem a lot less responsive than KDE (I
> > use KDE because no SDL games work properly on my machine when I run
> > SawFish, and no one on either the Sawfish or SDL team seems to care at
> > all).  When all the 10 million libraries get nice and assimilated, will
> Sean,
> I'm running a mandrake distribution with my own compiled version of
> sawfish and SDL games that come with the distribution seem to work just
> fine.  What happens when you run an SDL game?

In fullscreen OpenGL SDL apps (like Unreal Tournament, Heretic II, etc.)
the mouse doesn't like moving left... it moves up and down and right
fine, but it will occasionally (as in every second or two) freeze if I
move left, and I have to move in another direction before it will move
left again... it makes most action games unplayable.

In non full-screen or non OpenGL apps, I don't believe there is a
problem (I don't run Unreal Tournament OR Heretic in windowed mode, I'm
not even sure how...) since there is none in Heroes III.

This is of course with the latest Sawfish from HelixCode and the latest
SDL, self-compiled.

The problem is, although it ONLY happens with Sawfish, I'm not sure if
the problem is between Sawfish and SDL, Sawfish and X, Sawfish and
nVidia OpenGL, or some combination...  SDL people haven't been helpful
and I can't seem to get anything through to the Sawfish mailing list (as
listed at

I'm assuming SDL is highly involved though, since I never had a problem
when I used straight GLX applications (as in demoes).

Hopefully I can figure out how to get on the Sawfish list (if messages
don't start coming through in a few days, I'll try rejoining), and maybe
the SDL people will be more helpful when their Fenris system for SDL is
up (I got them to start putting one up).

Sean Middleditch

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