Re: Directories/Files

> On 28 Aug 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> : What purpose does the fake history provide?  It'd be a complete waste of
> : space for 95% of the users if we added an "Up" button.
> : 
> : Sean Middleditch
> Well, maybe the "fake history menu" can be accesible by righ-clicking on
> he up-button ?

Ya, that might work.

I'd love to hack on this a bit, once I get I look into it.. but alas,
but Senior year of high school starts tomorrow, so there goes what
little of my time I have left.  Maybe I could drop another, more
pointless project... ~,^

I would like to work on this, though.  The file selection in GTK/GNOME
simply irritates me to no end.

Sean Etc.

> PT>
> --
> Petr Tomasek,
> Národ je od toho, abychom se měli za co stydět.

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