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On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 04:24:51AM +0500, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > 
> > > Finally, the speed.  GNOME does seem a lot less responsive than KDE (I
> > > use KDE because no SDL games work properly on my machine when I run
> > > SawFish, and no one on either the Sawfish or SDL team seems to care at
> > > all).  When all the 10 million libraries get nice and assimilated, will
> > 
> > Sean,
> > 
> > I'm running a mandrake distribution with my own compiled version of
> > sawfish and SDL games that come with the distribution seem to work just
> > fine.  What happens when you run an SDL game?
> > 
> In fullscreen OpenGL SDL apps (like Unreal Tournament, Heretic II, etc.)
> the mouse doesn't like moving left... it moves up and down and right
> fine, but it will occasionally (as in every second or two) freeze if I
> move left, and I have to move in another direction before it will move
> left again... it makes most action games unplayable.

	:sawfish version 0.30.3
	:eretic 2 demo from loky
	:xfree4 dri cvs opengl drivers

everything runs perfectly.
(and this is a standard debian woody distribution, except xfree.)


> This is of course with the latest Sawfish from HelixCode and the latest
> SDL, self-compiled.
> The problem is, although it ONLY happens with Sawfish, I'm not sure if
> the problem is between Sawfish and SDL, Sawfish and X, Sawfish and
> nVidia OpenGL, 

there's know problem with old version of nvidia drivers with fullscreen opengl
apps... (but none that implies mouse movement...)

but you are reporting a problem that implies close source programs like 
UT & Eretic][, and CLOSE source drivers (nvidia)...
(sure that you aren't use a microsoft mouse?? :) 

> or some combination...  SDL people haven't been helpful
> and I can't seem to get anything through to the Sawfish mailing list (as
> listed at

sometimes happens that the bug/feature that someone manifests are NOT 
reproducible.. and sometimes developer 'forget' those phantom bugs.

(sorry for the bad english)

> I'm assuming SDL is highly involved though, since I never had a problem
> when I used straight GLX applications (as in demoes).
> Hopefully I can figure out how to get on the Sawfish list (if messages
> don't start coming through in a few days, I'll try rejoining), and maybe
> the SDL people will be more helpful when their Fenris system for SDL is
> up (I got them to start putting one up).

ok.. but we are going offtopic now...

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