Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

>   *  I'd rather see G.O. listed as a 1.0 release - it hasn't gone through
>      the same maturation process that GNOME has and will certainly be
>      lacking some features/stability.

My only worry is that old versions of GNOME office should work with
1.4.  It makes no sense to upgrade to 1.4 if none of the applications they
used previously break.  Gnome office component owners should make sure
that latest stable release of their software works on GNOME 1.4.  If not
new updated versions of G.O. components should be released with fixes to
work with GNOME 1.4.  Additionally, unstable releases using the new
features of GNOME 1.4 could be released.  This gives users a choice
without waiting for G.O. 1.0 (or whatever the release you want to call it)

Just some ideas to throw out.


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