Re: Directories/Files

>     Sri> Shell expansion I understand.  In fact, I have such a
>     Sri> variable as you've defined in your example.  But what you
>     Sri> propose needs to be done at the shell level.
> I'm not sure what I proposed anymore :)...  I thought we were
> discussing how to add a shortcuts mechanism to gnome-vfs.  Please
> correct me if I misunderstand (likly :).

Yeah, meandering convos, gotta watch out for them.  You were saying that
you would be able to add short cuts in gnome-vfs that would even show up
on the shell level.  You proposed 3 ways on achieving that.  

I've been trying to look at teh gnome-vfs devel-docs but for some reason I
can't seem to get the sgml docs converted to text.  I've been looking for
way to get this but every sgml interpreter I've used (nsgml for one) gives
me errors.

> Of course.  Although running gnome on a P100 with 16MB is something I
> wouldn't recomend. I had 32MB on a P100 and it was much to slow (circa
> gnome ver .25 or so).

Actually to do linux on a P100 with 16MB would require specialized
setup.  You would have to do some major reductions of the kernel feature
set..but I'm rambling. :-)  However, it is possible if you can keep the
footprint of running kernel and X windows low.


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