Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

> Can someone clarify the issues here?

I'll take a swag at it.

> Clearly GNOME Office is not going to be "finished" for GNOME 1.4, or
> even 2.0 most likely, unless you want to release something which
> doesn't realistically compete with real office suites.

Right.  We release two things.  Updated stable releases of the current
GNOME office software (ie like Gnucash for instance) that works for GNOME
1.4. (ie compiled against GNOME 1.4)  Then release an unstable GNOME
office unstable snapshot.  I would include "unstable" as part of the
filename. :-)  Then release GNOME Office when you feel it's bullet proof
and each component works with each other.

This should satisfy those who want a rock stable release and those who
want to use GNOME 1.4's advanced features.

> So if we release it it will be a snapshot release, right? Not a stable
> one?


> So what is the issue? We can make a snapshot anytime we want to.

Make the snapshot release of GNOME Office a couple of days after GNOME 1.4
release.  This is so that there is no confusion between the release of
GNOME 1.4 and GO.  There is some isolation between the 
releases.  Releasing the two together would be a mistake.  The two should
never be associated until a stable release is made.  I'm not sure if I'm
explaining this correctly.


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