Re: GNOME homepage !! (was Re: GNOME 1.4 package list)

Telsa Gwynne <> writes:
> > If you need clear organization and tasks, you can't work on free
> > software stuff, sorry. :-( (I'm not being mean; this is just the
> > truth. Only "self-starters" get work done on free software projects.)
> I'm not convinced.
> We had this problem with docs. And then suddenly the docs project
> exploded, relative to what had been going on. I can think of three
> or four reasons for that. But I'm inclined to think that the doctable
> (much as I complain about the size of its tables over a slow link)
> _really_ helped.

I see your point; but, we still need a self-starter to create the
organization and do the task list :-P



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