Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

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On Tue, 29 Aug 2000 18:54:56 EDT, Jody Goldberg wrote:

>On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 04:01:22PM -0400, Pat Eyler wrote:
>> I'd far rather see a separate relase of GNOME Office (G.O.) a bit 
>> the 1.4 GNOME release.   Certainly the 1.4 release would need to 
>> the infrastructure bits (guppi et al.) that G.O. will depend on.  
>> reasons are:
>>   *  I'd rather see G.O. listed as a 1.0 release - it hasn't gone 
>                                      ^^^^^
>I'd rather not do that.  Gnumeric is not ready for a 1.0 release.
>The Bonobo version is still not built as the default.

If the gnumeric developers, whose project is arguably the most 
advanced/stable of all of the Gnome Office components, are hesitant 
to go to 1.0, what does that say about the rest of the "suite"?

(No offense intended to the developers involved: the GNOME Office 
projects are just all relatively immature, AFAIK.)

I'd like to see a GNOME Office "release", if only to encourage people 
to play with/develop the apps, but perhaps we should figure out a way 
to do that without coordinating version numbers, giving it a release 
number, etc.


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