Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

Jody Goldberg <> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 04:01:22PM -0400, Pat Eyler wrote:
> > 
> > I'd far rather see a separate relase of GNOME Office (G.O.) a bit after
> > the 1.4 GNOME release.   Certainly the 1.4 release would need to include
> > the infrastructure bits (guppi et al.) that G.O. will depend on.  My
> > reasons are:
> >   *  I'd rather see G.O. listed as a 1.0 release - it hasn't gone through
>                                       ^^^^^
> I'd rather not do that.  Gnumeric is not ready for a 1.0 release.
> The Bonobo version is still not built as the default.
> Until the various office components are even marginally integrated
> there seems little utility in releasing them together.  The
> integration will not occur until things are more bonobized.  There
> is no need to rush.

Well right now we're stuffing all the semi-mature ones in the GNOME
release itself. I think it makes release coordination siginificantly
more difficult to have a bunch of large applications mixed in with the
development platform and core desktop. If folks really think that
tight integration is a prerequisite to releasing a bunch of apps as
"GNOME Office" (and I don't - integration is one desirably feature in
an office suite, but not a litmus test for releasing at all, IMO) we
could simply drop the large apps from the GNOME release and release
them all separately at about the same time as GNOME 1.4.

In either case, I think it's bad to include office suite components
with the core release, and a bad idea to wait until they are all ready
and well-integrated before splitting them off.

 - Maciej

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