RE: Decoupling GNOME Office?

I agree,

Tight integration is not a requirement for releasing components that forms a
tool set for office uses. Let's not do like Microsoft by bundling everything
together and say they cannot be separated from each other...

I would like to see the gnome destop and separate the gnome office, even if
the components do not talk to each others...

As for the version number of gnome office, well you sure can do a 0.9, but
why not try to stop to confuse people by releasing the gnome office under
the same number as gnome. So then you know that gnome office 1.4 runs on
gnome 1.4..

Unless release gnome office 2000 aka 0.9

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Well right now we're stuffing all the semi-mature ones in the GNOME
release itself. I think it makes release coordination siginificantly
more difficult to have a bunch of large applications mixed in with the
development platform and core desktop. If folks really think that
tight integration is a prerequisite to releasing a bunch of apps as
"GNOME Office" (and I don't - integration is one desirably feature in
an office suite, but not a litmus test for releasing at all, IMO) we
could simply drop the large apps from the GNOME release and release
them all separately at about the same time as GNOME 1.4.

In either case, I think it's bad to include office suite components
with the core release, and a bad idea to wait until they are all ready
and well-integrated before splitting them off.

 - Maciej

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