Re: Directories/Files

> Ah thanks.  What I meant (but probably didn't say :) was that support
> for the shortcuts would need to work at the shell level.  gnome-vfs
> won't be able to do this (sorry if I implied it could).  Some other
> mechanism will need to be done. 

Ah.. thats what I was wondering.  I thought you could do that.  Hence my
"Damn, gnome-vfs can DO that??"  Oh well..

> The three approaches were to add shortcut support to gnome-vfs.

It's still kinda cool..just not as cool as before. :)

>     Sri> I've been trying to look at teh gnome-vfs devel-docs but for
>     Sri> some reason I can't seem to get the sgml docs converted to
>     Sri> text.  I've been looking for way to get this but every sgml
>     Sri> interpreter I've used (nsgml for one) gives me errors.
> I think you need the james clark sgml parser 'jade'.  Try this link
> for more info (no guarentees that this will be usefull for you): 

The documentation (the gnome-vfs-tutorial) seems to not be correct.  Is
there such a beast?


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