Re: Are CORBA interfaces immutable?????

On 29 Aug 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> It may be that the immutable thing is the name of the OAFIID (the name
> you use to obtain the interface from OAF). I don't remember the Gnorba
> equivalent. But you can't actually obtain an interface by the name
> "Desktop::Editor" with our new activation setup (OAF). Instead you
> obtain a name such as "OAFIID:Desktop::Editor:19991118" where the date
> would change if the interface did.

Hmm, lemme have some of that crack...

Ron was asking about being able to count on a particular interface
remaining the same - i.e. how we solved the problem of interface
versioning (answer: we don't). OAF has nothing to do with this at all.

OAFIID's have nothing to do with interfaces - they are unique identifiers
for implementations (OAF Implementation IDentifier).

As far as repo id's and OAF go, you can run a query to find all the
objects that advertise their implemention of a specified interface.
-- Elliot
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