Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

> Unless there is some rational reason to have two I don't see the point
> of that. We might say "we haven't decided yet" for a while or
> something, but at some point we need to focus on and ship a single
> word processor. IMHO only, there is no dictate from on high about
> this.

Support the one that advances Free Software.  If both are good feature for
feature then select the one that is modular and allows code
re-use.  Basically, support the one that fits the vision of what GNOME
wants to be.

What will probably happen is that features that are missing in each word
processor would be implemented in the other until you get two software
projects that are almost identically except that the approach is
different.  Perhaps, the competition will be good for both.  You have
three word processing programs out there now, kword, open office, and
abiword.  Lets see what happens.


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