Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Given Martin's comments below, I think it is worthwhile to separate GNOME
> Office for 1.4. We know that we can at least include Gnumeric, Dia and
> AbiWord. We can also try to include GnuCash and the GIMP if their
> respective maintainers agree. It's true these apps are not yet well
> integrated or fully componentized, but I don't think that should be a
> prerequisite to calling them an office suite.
> We can call the release GNOME Office 0.7 or something like that if 1.4
> would make people uncomfortable.
in that case, and due to all that has been said about the GNOME office
apps, I propose the inclusion of gnome-db, which has been quite stable
for several months. In fact, we (GNOME-DB team) were waiting for Bonobo
to become part of stable GNOME to release our first stable release. So,
as Bonobo is being included for 1.4, and as gnome-db is somewhat
componentized (lots of work to be done here though), I think it's got
its place in this GNOME Office release.

here's the contact information in case it's being included:

> Package             Version in 1.2   New Version   Critical  Contact
gnome-db                               0.1           No        Rodrigo
Moya <>


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