Re: Decoupling GNOME Office?

Given Martin's comments below, I think it is worthwhile to separate GNOME
Office for 1.4. We know that we can at least include Gnumeric, Dia and
AbiWord. We can also try to include GnuCash and the GIMP if their
respective maintainers agree. It's true these apps are not yet well
integrated or fully componentized, but I don't think that should be a
prerequisite to calling them an office suite.

We can call the release GNOME Office 0.7 or something like that if 1.4
would make people uncomfortable.


 - Maciej

Martin Sevior <> writes:

> On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > 
> > > A bit after GNOME 1.4, we'd release GNOME Office 1.4, including
> > > gnumeric, dia, and whatever other apps want to provide versions for it
> > > (gnucash? AbiWord? achtung? Maybe some OpenOffice components will be
> > > ready? Maybe the gimp folks want to include a version?)
> > 
> > gnumeric, dia, and gnucash are usable GNOME apps, but they don't integrate
> > at all, have unified components, or have much (if any) bonobo
> > support. AbiWord is also usable, but it doesn't really fit in with GNOME
> > as part of the GNOME Office. 
> We hope to change that over the next few months.
> > Besides, have we ever even heard their
> > opinion on being put in that category? But it also suffers from the same
> > problems as above.
> The Abiword team wants to be part of gnome office and we want to 
> get gnumeric spreadsheets embedded into Abiword. Although Abi is
> cross platform we think that the easiest way to get component embedding
> working is to make it work for bonobo and leave the other platforms to
> work out how to implement it. It REALLY helps that bonobo was modelled
> after OLE so the Windows programmers will hopefully just have to make a
> few tweaks.
> We will continue to make releases every 6-8 weeks. The next one is due any
> day now. I think we can make a new release in sync with gnome 1.4 too.

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