Feature request for zvt (gnome-terminal)


I would like to request a feature that is sorely needed in gnome-terminal
(and zvt).. 

Basically, I need to have different amounts of shading for my windows.
I use transparent windows with shading, but the default shading only
seems to shade things about 50%. This makes my text quite hard to read
against certain parts of my background.

I've used Eterm, but I prefer not to go back to it because its rather bloated
and slow.

I actually tried to get this done myself, so I checked out gnome-libs from
CVS. In zvt, I found the shading is done in background.c. Apparently
the amount it is shaded is given as a value from 0->65536, and is shifted
8 bits to the right to give a value from 0->256 (for each of the three rgb 
colours, or all of 'em at once)... 

So this seems pretty simple, right? I could just change the default of 32768
to about 53000, which is what I want.. 

But unfortunately, when I tried to compile gnome-libs I got some message about how
I was clearly too stupid to possibly be a gnome developer, that I was not to be
using the CVS version of gnome-libs, and I should be getting gnome-libs version

Doubly unfortunately, when I tried to snag the source for the version I am currently
using (1.2.4), I found that the source for setting the background shading is completely
different than zvt in CVS - and not anywhere near as clear. So I had no idea how to actually
change the percentage of shading :)

So I've resigned myself to the fact that somebody else will have to do this..

The actual feature request:

I think that in addition to being able to check off 'shade background' in the preferences,
that a simple text box should exist that lets you type in the percentage of shading you would

gnome-terminal uses zvt_term_set_background(stuff here) to set the background options.
zvt_term_set_background takes an integer called 'flags'. From what I can see (and I may be wrong)
this seems to have '1' as a value for shading being on, and '0' for shading off. There is a test
along the lines of 

if (flags) {
  //do transparency stuff here with hardcoded 32768 value

So I'm thinking that it would be easy enough to take the value entered for
the percentage shading by the user, and multiply that by 65536/100, and get a
value that can be passed as the 'flags' parameter.

Then presto, it all works. I'm sort of dying with the only-50%-shading
deal, and it looks like I'm going to have to shut off transparency just to be
able to get any work done. :(

Thanks for reading through all of this :)


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