Re: Feature request for zvt (gnome-terminal)

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Rene Chaddock wrote:

> Hi,
> I actually tried to get this done myself, so I checked out gnome-libs from
> CVS. In zvt, I found the shading is done in background.c. Apparently
> the amount it is shaded is given as a value from 0->65536, and is shifted
> 8 bits to the right to give a value from 0->256 (for each of the three rgb 
> colours, or all of 'em at once)... 
> So this seems pretty simple, right? I could just change the default of 32768
> to about 53000, which is what I want.. 
> But unfortunately, when I tried to compile gnome-libs I got some message about how
> I was clearly too stupid to possibly be a gnome developer, that I was not to be
> using the CVS version of gnome-libs, and I should be getting gnome-libs version
> 1.0!!!

You checked out the head branch of gnome-libs, which is the development
version of what will eventually become gnome-libs 2.0.  According to the
instructions available at:
the command you should have used to check out gnome-libs is:
  cvs -z3 checkout -r gnome-libs-1-0 gnome-libs

(gnome-libs-1.2.x is really part of the 1.0 series)

> Doubly unfortunately, when I tried to snag the source for the version I am currently
> using (1.2.4), I found that the source for setting the background shading is completely
> different than zvt in CVS - and not anywhere near as clear. So I had no idea how to actually
> change the percentage of shading :)

Yes, there have been a number of changes in the development branch, which
is why you shouldn't be using it :)  Looking at the stable branch is


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