Re: Feature request for zvt (gnome-terminal)

On Dec 03, James Henstridge wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Rene Chaddock wrote:
> > I was clearly too stupid to possibly be a gnome developer, that I was not to be
> > using the CVS version of gnome-libs, and I should be getting gnome-libs version
> > 1.0!!!
> You checked out the head branch of gnome-libs, which is the development
> version of what will eventually become gnome-libs 2.0.  According to the
> instructions available at:
> the command you should have used to check out gnome-libs is:
>   cvs -z3 checkout -r gnome-libs-1-0 gnome-libs
> (gnome-libs-1.2.x is really part of the 1.0 series)

Ok, that makes sense.

> > Doubly unfortunately, when I tried to snag the source for the version I am currently
> > using (1.2.4), I found that the source for setting the background shading is completely
> > different than zvt in CVS - and not anywhere near as clear. So I had no idea how to actually
> > change the percentage of shading :)
> Yes, there have been a number of changes in the development branch, which
> is why you shouldn't be using it :)  Looking at the stable branch is
> okay.

Unfortunately, I've looked at the stable branch, and really can't figure out how to change the
level of transparancy. Does anybody out there know enough about how it works to give me
some pointers? I'll just recompile the RPM I'm using once I make the changes.

I also hope that my little feature request goes into the new gnome-libs, it should would be nice to
have when it finally goes stable.


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