[PATCH] gnome-games/freecell fix


Freecell always bombed out when I started it, with complaints about
freeing bad memory. A few minutes with ElectricFence pointed out
the cause. 

The g_free() calls should be free() - we're freeing memory allocated
by malloc() in a scandir() call. My glib with built with memory debugging
options, so g_free()/free() calls don't mix well. Rebuilding with
this patch was successful, and running under ElectricFence was no
problem. Now just to win the game ...

Please apply - it should close numerous bugs with freecell listed
in the gnome-bug page.

Thanks to everyone working on gnome.

Art Haas

--- gdk-card-image.c.orig	Wed Feb 24 12:34:24 1999
+++ gdk-card-image.c	Sat Dec  2 20:19:48 2000
@@ -232,9 +232,9 @@
       dir->file[i].cols = dir->cols;
       dir->file[i].rows = dir->rows;
       dir->file[i].rotate = dir->rotate;
-      g_free (de[i]);
+      free (de[i]);
-    g_free (de);
+    free (de);
   for (i = 0; i < dir->nfiles; i++)

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