Proposed gtcd (gnome-media) changes


Solaris does not have a CDROMVOLREAD ioctl and so, on starting gtcd,
zero is always returned by the function below in cdrom-linux.c. workman
has a similar problem but instead of initialising the volume to zero it
initialises it to 255, its maximum value. Could we take a similar approach
in gtcd? This would avoid having to reset the volume every time gtcd is
launched. If no one has a problem with this I can putback the changes
(amounts to returning 255 instead of 0 below).

319 int tcd_get_volume(cd_struct *cd)
320 {
322     struct cdrom_volctrl vol;
324     if(ioctl(cd->cd_dev, CDROMVOLREAD, &vol) < 0)
325         return -1;
327     return vol.channel0;
328 #else
329     return 0;
330 #endif
331 }

Other changes: Before doing any work on the following I'd welcome opinion
on whether people reckon the changes are worthwhile, could be improved etc.

1. I think the horizontal volume slider in gtcd should be replaced by a
vertical and suitably labeled one. Situated on the RHS of the track display
this would provide a more intuitively appealing interface. 

2. On some machines there is no connection from the cdrom to the audio device
and so headphones must be plugged into the actual cdrom drive. I'd be interested
in adding, to gtcd, the functionality required to read from the cd and write
directly to the audio device.


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