Re: [PATCH] global (MacOS Style) menubar applet [second attempt]

Mark <jamess1 wwnet com> writes:

> Hello,
> I've put up a new global menu patch here:
> This patch is against the current stable libraries. If this looks good I
> will continue and make a gnome 2.0 patch.

So, I actually applied this patch and used it :)

There are a couple of minor problems with the patch (gnome-app.c
including gnorba.h, bonobo-socket.[ch] including
<bonobo/bonobo-socket.h> rather than "bonobo.h").

Other than that, it works pretty well.  It crashed both the panel and
apps at different times, though.

Some thoughts:

        * It would be nice if the apps could determine that the
          swallower is running, and then only pop up the submenus if
          this is the case.  This is probably Hard.  KDE does not
          solve this AFAIK.

        * Integration into the foobar: if it's there, people would
          probably want the menu there.

        * Was there something from gnome-preferences.[ch] not included
          with the patch?

I will hopefully look into the crashing and mis-focusing later.

"Tangerine, tangerine."  -- Robert Plant

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