[PATCH] global (MacOS Style) menubar applet [second attempt]


I've put up a new global menu patch here:


This patch is against the current stable libraries. If this looks good I
will continue and make a gnome 2.0 patch.

I will probably maintain this patch for a while until gnome 2.0 comes
into use. So if your find bugs or you have corrections, post them to
this list and I will update the patch.

Overall I think this patch is much more convincing than the last one.
There is a couple things (on the applet side) that need work though:

* Fitts's Law, I think I'll look at the button code, the buttons seem to
always take advantage of Fitts's Law.

* A bit flicker when the menu appears, this a wm issue(sawfish in my

* KDE menus work, but they push all my applets of the screen, this is
becuase they don't shrink like the gtk+ menus when captured.

* Often it takes a couple of focus events before menus switch, I'm not
sure what is causing this.

Also I should note I put the name of the app next to the menu in the
applet. I'm atempted to bold the text, to give it a distinction from the
menu, but it doesn't work curently. 


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