Re: Gnome-media

On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 02:50:24PM -0700, Craig Kelley wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Erik Jarvi wrote:
> > Heh Which lead me to this, because I thought maybe this is a widget issue.
> > 
> > Knob widgets would be very useful in an audio related app.
> > 
> > Knobs:
> >     switch types: on-off, selectors, precise volume control
> >     continous types: log. style (volume), linear style (balance)
> Argh, no;  that volume knob in Quicktime whatever-the-latest-version-is is
> evil, as is that tcl/tk audio app that I used a while ago (can't remember
> it's name)  A mouse cursor doesn't rotate, it slides.

Right you are! I know I hate the click-and-drag knobs. I was think it would be
controled (correctly) by the mouse wheel, or a separate midi/usb mixer. (for
the professional audio applications that I know someday will work or be coded
with GNOME. :)

It was just a thought/idea for the future.

All music aspires to the condition of muzak.

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