Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?


Alan Shutko <> wrote:
> I liked the Amiga variant (hidden until you right click).... 

The gnome-ui people should be forced to install the Amiga emulator and use
it for a few weeks ;)

More seriously, I noticed that E's file manager has appeared as an early CVS
version and is works along the same lines as the Amiga's Workbench windows.
To bring things back to GNOME, what is the new file manager like? Is it
Explorer-like? It would be worth having a look at an Amiga file manager
called "Directory Opus" - up to version 4 (recently GPL'd) it was a lot like
mc, but with a GUI. However, version 5 was much more like a desktop
replacement. For the interested, there's a mildly good screenshot here:

It would be extremely cool to have the new GNOME file manager work that way,
it's much more natural than Explorer's way of working.

Out of interest, using the various Bonobo componants that will (presumably)
make up the new file manager, how easy would it be to create a new version
based on the same componants?
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