Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?

> The gnome-ui people should be forced to install the Amiga emulator and use
> it for a few weeks ;)
> More seriously, I noticed that E's file manager has appeared as an early CVS
> version and is works along the same lines as the Amiga's Workbench windows.

Raster was a big Amiga fan.  You can see from the pull down screens in
Enlightenment.  I think he plans to completely bring an Amiga desktop to

> Explorer-like? It would be worth having a look at an Amiga file manager
> called "Directory Opus" - up to version 4 (recently GPL'd) it was a lot like
> mc, but with a GUI. However, version 5 was much more like a desktop
> replacement. For the interested, there's a mildly good screenshot here:

Directory Opus I've never used.  But I've used a lot of filemanagers like
it.  Very nice stuff.  A lot easier to do multiple file operations than if
you used the GUI.

> It would be extremely cool to have the new GNOME file manager work that way,
> it's much more natural than Explorer's way of working.

I agree with this.  Although I think if you could abstract it enough you
could create a theme to make it look like an DirOpus.  That sounds like
the best way leave enough hooks for an enterprising group to come up with
their own frontend.


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