Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?


Sri Ramkrishna <> wrote:
> Raster was a big Amiga fan.  You can see from the pull down screens in 

Definitely. It's also showing through in Efm which is an almost direct copy
of the way Workbench worked.

> Directory Opus I've never used.  But I've used a lot of filemanagers like 

There was a very considerable paradigm shift in DOpus between v4 and v5. v4
was like Midnight commander which is in itself a very good paradigm, but v5
extended it further so that rather than having two file listings side by
side, you have multiple file listings in small windows so you can have many
file operations in progress at once. It makes so much more sense than the
very linear Explorer style.

> could create a theme to make it look like an DirOpus.  That sounds like 
> the best way leave enough hooks for an enterprising group to come up with 
> their own frontend. 

I am very keen on seeing a DOpus like interface and if the default style
isn't close enough and the hooks are there to do it (which Havoc seems to
think they would be), I would probably have a bash at it.
After using Explorer style fm's for a few years I'd forgotten how good DOpus
was until I used it again a couple of weeks ago.
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