Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?

> > So, if you could give me some pointers on another way to do this (or
> > approval of the CORBA method), i'll get started.
> > 
> One possible way to do it is to modify GnomeApp, and make its menubar 
> to detached and put it way up at the top of the screen (of course this
> behavior would depend on the user's preferences).  You'd also want to hide
> the menubar when the window loses focus, but that would mess up people with
> pointer driven focus (but probably if they are using pointer driven focus
> they aren't going to have the mac-style menubar).

I think the menubar isue, should have an option on control panel to put 
all menubars on top (this control panel option should be optional).

But a problem is than all menubars from all apps are visible, at all 
time, and this make a mess of menubars. There should be an option to do 
somehting like:

if app.focuseevent==true then
show app.menubar();

but this should be at a gnome level. A transparent level for 

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