Re: Fitts's Law, or do you _really_ know how to make a good UI?


this is very cool, but I think there should be a control panel option to 
do this also, for all apps.

I think this is cool, but I think this does not look good on a 1600x1200 
resolution. I would propose that if you 2bl cliked the little bar on the 
left, the  menu would become the NeXT type. What do you guys think about 

On Sat, 04 Dec 1999 18:19:06 Kenneth Christiansen wrote:
>  > consensus is to have a Global Menubar Panel Applet which exists in a
> > panel which is set to have items flush with the screen edge, and is 24px
> > tall. A checkbox in gnomecc would be able to set that up/remove it.
> > Hooks for this should be written into gnome-libs.
> We also talked about switching between the global menu and the local
> menues as explained in these two screenshots 
> Kenneth

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