Desktop Link Installer

I was wondering what other GNOME developers' interest would be in

I have created a simple little utility that installs desktop links files
in any desktop environment automatically.  It's still very rough, but it
is very easy to hack on (I plan on adding the final remaining features
tonight).  Basically, it takes a generic desktop entry file (containing
any number of lines of data_name=data pairs), a list of desktop
environments, and then looks at the configuration for those
environments, and builds desktop link files.

OK, I suck at explaining, so why don't I give an example?

You have a nifty application, ok?  Now, some idiot is using KDE, but
wants to use your program.  Your program's installation throw's a link
into GNOME, but not KDE.  Kind of irritating.  Now, let's say your
program's installation makes use of install-link (my program).  Instead
of writing a .desktop file, you write a .entry file.  You put in the
basic information:

name=Nifty Program
info=A Nifty Program That Does Something

Your install program calls

install-link nifty-program.entry all

install-link will load the nifty-program.entry file.  It will then go
through all the desktop's it has configurations for (desktop's can be
set to be not included in all, I'll explain why in a sec).  The option
file states where the file needs to go (base path for environment's link
files, and format of link file name).  It then reads a template for the
desktop environment, and writes the link for it.

The GNOME template file, for example, is

[Desktop Entry]

(Yes, I know, EXTREMELY basic, but it can be expanded to include all
information, even i18n stuff, etc.).

So now there is a link in KDE and GNOME, and whatever other desktops the
user has configured for install-link.

What if you're writing a panel applet?  Well, this system can be used to
make GOAD file as well.  And all you have to do is add the necessary
information to your nifty-program.entry (well, there wouldn't be
anything extra that I can think of), and instead of passing all to
install-link, just pass gnome and goad instead:

install-link nifty-program.entry gnome goad

Anyways, that's the best at explaining I can do.

What do you guys think of this?  It will make inter-environment
installation a little bit easier, IMHO.  It's like how all the Linux
distributors choose an environment and put their weight behind it...
they only make links for their favorite environment for all their
installed software, but not for the other.  If they got into the habit
of using this program, then they would be much more fair.

Again, it needs works, but is this something the GNOME people are
interested in using?  Or did I just waist a lot of your time and
mail-box space?  (please be the former, please be the former, ...)

Sean Middleditch

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