Re: gdk_imlib ?

I think that the imlib functionality has been replaced by pixbuf, you
might want to try looking for information on that instead.

hope that helps

* DEVIN Florent ( [000204 10:13]:
> Hi,
> It is probably not the good list to post but...
> I know there is a function named : 
> gdk_imlib_load_image
> But I can not find any help, or man, or anything about this fonction.
> Of course I know how to use it, but, I am sure there is other function
> that goes with. ANd if I can not find help on function I know You could
> imagine
> how hard it is to find help of function I do not know...
> Could you help finding information on the gdk_imlib function ???
> -- 
> Florent DEVIN
> -- 
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